A time consuming endeavour

As some of you may know, creating a new online portfolio showcase is one of the most time consuming endeavours an artist can undertake. Being a perfectionist and making something that reflects both your personality and the peak of your skills, is no easy task.

So you want to create something that kicks ass, but you do not want to overdo it. The focus needs to be on whatever story you want to tell and showing your portfolio to the audience.


I wanted to create a place where one feels tranquility and peace. The world is chaotic as it is, so I needed to make the opposite. I created an imaginary space full of stars and planets. The stars move constantly and when you touch them, they light up. like I said, imaginary. Here the the rules of physics don’t apply, as you already may have noticed.

I created the larger elements of space, but it wasn’t complete yet. I wanted a futuristic font, cold colors, floating content, science fiction like icons and music that was suited for this theme to make it feel more complete.

Technical prerequisites

Besides having a fancy and cool looking portfolio website, I also wanted it to be functional and user friendly. Fully Responsive, browser compatible, fast loading time, W3C compliant and a logical interface where a few of the prerequisites that I have laid upon myself.


To quickly change the content, having clean url’s and being able to easily add a blog to my portfolio in the future, I decided to include an CMS. Having made dozens of wordpress sites in the past, this would make a logical choice.