Who am I?

The world shaped me and I get to shape the world. Or at least, a very small portion of it. I am at my core when I am allowed to shape. To create. To dream. As an artist my brain is always full of ideas. And shaping my own world needs to be perfect. Every inch, every pixel. So I created a world that reflects my personality. Not perfect, but it wants to be.

The world shaped me and I get to shape the world

I am a designer who loves to code

Most of my time I design and build digital products. You can also call me a front-end developer, wordpress developer, UI/ UX designer or interaction designer. Furthermore, I also have a keen interest in everything javascript related. I like to explore and become better at understanding this language. When I do not create, I like to spend time with my family and friends, watch a movie, listen to music, read, write or spend time at the gym. I love to create products that are both beautiful and elegant, but are also easy to use and fast. They need to be tested and optimized to create the best experience possible, and always with the objective in mind.

Objective approach

  • Understanding. Before diving into actually creating the product, one first needs to understand the problem at hand. Research the objective, prior to developing a fitting strategy.
  • Communication. As an essential part of any assignment, good communication benefits anyone involved. The more you understand the people in relation to the objective, the sooner you can tackle potential issues.
  • Fragmentation. When taken apart the problem into multiple manageable steps, they can be resolved easier and quicker.
  • Pragmaticality. Being pragmatic in my approach, I always try to optimize and speeding up my work flow. Having a plan, making documentations, creating checklists, etc. Not fun, but neccesary.
  • Order. Problems feel less daunting when you’re not surrounded by chaos. Cleaning up messes. Your teammates will thank you.